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Gerry Mulholland

Vice-President, Development Strategies, holds a Diploma of Urban Land Economics from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He has nearly a decade of experience providing financial and economic analysis for public and private sector clients. In recent years he has become a recognized specialist in land lift and community amenity contribution analysis, facilitating project specific negotiations for developments valued at up to one billion dollars, and setting municipal amenity zoning policies. He has written and lectured on affordable housing policy and is a lecturer at the Simon Fraser University's City Program.

Gerry Mulholland - Curriculum Vitae

George Parker

Director of Planning, is a Master of Urban Planning with experience as a land use planner, knowledge of economic development principles, and years of research on land use, transportation systems, and sustainable community development. George has a passion for understanding the dynamics that determine neighbourhood change, and has applied this passion to economic development strategies and economic impact assessments in Quebec and British Columbia. He is a creative problem-solver, and can build custom market demand and financial models to meet unique project needs. At MPLE, George is involved in financial modelling, comprehensive demographic and employment forecasting, business plans and development strategy analyses. His diverse skill set allows him to formulate successful land use plans based on a sound understanding of market and financial realities faced by our clients.

George Parker - Curriculum Vitae