Mulholland & Parker has developed a series of excel developer proformas and valuation computer models – refer to a list of models and an example of a residential development proforma below.

These models have evolved from the firm’s consulting assignments with formats being designed to meet client’s specific needs, i.e. these are street-smart, not academic models.

The models are used by Mulholland & Parker in our day to day consulting plus they are the foundation of our real estate course offerings.

Mulholland & Parker Developer Proforma Models

  • Single family lot subdivision
  • Single family home development
  • Phased residential subdivision
  • Phased mixed use development (residential and commercial)
  • Townhouse
  • Low rise residential
  • High rise residential
  • Residential rentalMixed residential (strata) and commercial (rental)
  • Mixed residential (rental) and commercial (rental)
  • Congregate care
  • Strip commercial
  • Neighborhood shopping centre
  • Office building
  • Industrial multi-tenant building
  • Mini-storage
  • Phased industrial park
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Marina
  • Golf course on ground lease (on municipal lands)
  • RV park on ground lease (on municipal lands)
  • Private ice rink

Mulholland & Parker Residual Land Valuation Models

  • Single family subdivision townhouse
  • Low rise residential
  • High rise residential
  • Mixed residential and commercial (both strata)
  • Mised residential and commercial (residential strata; retail and office rental)
  • hotel
  • Strata hotel
  • Multi-tenant industrial building